About Gord

I started playing tennis when I was 5 years old. Old racquets and dirt gray white balls in the basement, a bored kid in a small BC coastal town, add a wall. One clean smack and I was hooked on the feel. Self taught until my late teens I played any time with any one any where. Won and lost games, developed a calm and patient understanding of self, made life long friendships and developed a passion to share the feeling of ball to racquet with anyone willing.

The intervening years are a blur of experiences, learning and living-some best never shared.

In 1982 I was teaching a friend on the new courts at Granville Island when the instructor for the False Creek Community Centre came up to me and asked, “Where have you taught before?” Recognizing an opportunity I replied, “only for friends, but if you are interested, so am I.” And so it began.

Now 36 years later every time I am on the court, I strive to be a better instructor and pass on the joy I find in play and play is what I teach.