West Point Grey

West Point Grey

West Point Grey Kid’s Tennis Spring 2017

Kid’s tennis has never been easier to learn or more fun to play. The benefits of Tennis are many. Getting your children into the sport at any age helps develop physical, social and mental skills: Skills that are used on the Tennis Court and carried into real life.

Kid’s Club ages 7-16

How it works: Kids’ Tennis Clubs are designed to give children the opportunity to try tennis in a safe, supportive, extracurricular setting. With tennis sized right for age and ability, it’s easier and more fun than ever for kids to play – even if they’ve never picked up a racquet! The Club is open to players of all skill levels ages 7-16. Players may choose between the one day or two days per week option. Choosing the one day per week option players meet on Saturdays; choosing the two day option, players come on Wednesday and Saturday. Instruction and low key competition are part of both days. Coaches will divide the players into ages and skill levels during the first sessions. The Club format provides the opportunity for to players develop skills areas in Beginner; Novice and Competitive. Players develop at their own pace as well are part of a team that is dedicated to having FUN! Parents will be encouraged to take part in the classes and in organizing competition between other Kid’s Tennis Clubs from Vancouver Community Centre Teams.

Kid’s Tennis Ages 5-6 years-Levels Beginner and Novice:

This program follows the Progressive Tennis model, using appropriate nets, balls and racquets to develop fundamental skills. Players are grouped by skill level and past lesson experience. If a child in this program is capable of a higher level of play they can be moved to the Kid’s Tennis Club. A Match and Skill assessment by the instructors will be required.






West Point Grey

Tennis takes time: Time for learning, practising, playing and competing. Your time to play is valuable, our lessons are designed to help you use that time well. Season long Beginner to Novice Plus or Skills and Drills make the choice that works best for your playing time. Travel the Long Road with us, we can provide the Racquets and the directions.

Beginner and Novice Programs:

Get Fit. Learn New Skills. Have Fun. Make New Friends.
Our 10 hour course is designed to show you and develop all the fundamentals of the game. Weekly themes include development of techniques and tactics whilst developing your match skills with a great bunch of people.

Our Goal is for the Beginner and Novice courses is to give you the basic skills that will allow you to get out and chase the little yellow ball for the rest of your life.