Marpole Oakridge Kid’s Tennis Spring 2019

Marpole/Oakridge Community Centre Tennis

Thanks for playing with us the Spring and Summer see you again in the Spring of 2019

Marpole Kid’s Tennis Clubs Spring  2019

Kid’s tennis has never been easier to learn or more fun to play. The benefits of Tennis are many. Getting your children into the sport at any age helps develop physical, social and mental skills: Skills that are used on the Tennis Court and carried into real life. This program follows the Progressive Tennis model, using appropriate nets, balls and racquets to develop fundamental skills. Players are grouped by skill level and past lesson experience. If a child in this program is capable of a higher level of play they can be moved to the Kid’s Tennis Club. A Match and Skill assessment by the instructors would be required.

Marpole Kid’s Tennis 5-6 Years Kid’s Club:

The first introduction to Tennis is a foundational program that helps kid’s develop the skills to rally and play with their coach, parents and friends. Following the “Progressive Tennis Model” players will use the soft teaching Red Ball, a smaller court, lower net and right sized racquets and racquets.

Marpole Kid’s Tennis 7-8 Years Kid’s Club:

This program is divided into two stages.

  • Stage 1: Red Ball for the Beginner-player who have no lesson experience or never played before
  • Stage 2: Orange Ball for the player who has taken the Red Ball Beginner previously or the 5-6 years program.

Following the “Progressive Tennis Model” players in both stages will use the soft teaching Red  or Orange Ball, a smaller court, lower net and right sized racquets. Players will elarn in a cooperative setting how to rally all strokes and to practice and play with a partner. Low key fun based competition will be a prat of the lessons. Tennis is a game to enjoy how you play and interact win or loose.

Marpole Kid’s Tennis Club Ages 9-16 years

This Program gives players between the ages of  9-15 the opportunity to develop skills and play from Beginner to Intermediate Levels. The program follows the Progressive Tennis Model allowing kids to move up the skill levels and compete in a fun low key competition program. Coached at a ratio of 6 players to 1 coach everyone gets the opportunity to improve and enjoy the play.

Inter Community Centre play and Wind up Tournament are all part of the fun.

To register, right click the word Tennis-the below takes you to the Park Board Online Registration System. If you have an account already just follow the steps, if not you will be asked to set up an account.