Learn new skills. Make new friends. Get Fit. Have FUn.

It’s all a part of how we build community through the game of tennis

Gord Hauka’s Tennis lessons focus on “serve, rally and score” and the belief that new players must play the game from the very first lesson. The commitment is to make it easier for you to learn and easier to stay physically healthy and active for life.

Yes, we will still teach you technique—only it will be through playing the game and then give you the necessary and relevant technical and tactical instructions to help you play (serve, rally and score)!

We are invested in your success at all levels and will provide encouragement and the opportunity to take your play as far as you wish to go.

Classes follow a Program Curriculum that is directed specifically to provide a fun and successful experience for recreational players of all ages and skill levels.

We are able to provide racquets to be used in class for all levels of play.

Please consult our Skill Level Guide before registering classes.


Program Format

Programs are 4 or 5 sessions totalling 10 hours of play, offered in various scheduling formats on weekdays and evenings as well as on weekends.

For more on Schedules, check our FAQ. To determine your playing ability, read through our Skill Level Guide.

Having trouble registering for a class? Check out our FAQs.

Progressive Tennis Model

The model all of our programs follow to get your from Beginner to Intermediate in a fast and fun manner. We use a progression of balls (from low compression to regular), appropriately-sized racquets and nets, and work our way to the baseline to implement full-court play. You can learn more about this model here.


Just that. Drills—not instructional programs. When choosing a Drill Program you must have completed the Instructional Lessons for that level. For example, 2.5 players can take 2.5 Drills, not 3.0 Drills.

Coaches can provide direction for you if you are not certain of your best choice for the learning.

Check our Skill Level Guide or contact Gord to determine which class would be best for you.

Private Lessons

Available for individuals and small groups, for ages 8 and up. Learn more here.