Private Tennis Lesssons

Private Lessons: Individual and Group Programs

Individual of Group Private Lessons are the best way to focus on the stroke or tactical skill that is keeping you from achieving your personal Tennis Goals.
Whether you are looking at the one lesson for your serve or a series to move you through to the next level Gord and the instructors are prepared to get in and work hard with you. Lessons are arranged by contacting Gord at: to arrange time and location. Please Note: All instructors work as hard at lesson 1 as at Lesson 10, we do not discount for any number of lessons.

Costs per Hour:

Individual Private Lessons: $50.00
Semi Private Lessons: $70.00
Group Lessons, Maximum 4 per group $80.00

Group Adult Programs

Group Lessons are an entertaining way to develop that “Team” working environment. We can work with small groups 4-6 players to medium size groups 12-16 players to help your work place develop it’s cooperative interactions or to just arrange a day of fun and laughter as we take your group through a fun day of Tennis.
Following a model of “It has to Be Fun and Use any part of the Racquet to Succeed” groups are introduced or reintroduced to the each other on a different learning level.