West End Adult Tennis

Summer Tennis at the West End

Beginner Lessons 1.0-1.5

Just that. The fastest way to learn basic tennis skills and fundamentals. We get you right out to play, rally and score. Take the weekday, weekend or Tennis Express Program. Tennis Express and all Beginner Lessons introduce the basic fundamentals of play as well as rules and scoring, to get you to serve, rally and score. We use a system of teaching through progressions so tennis is easier, learned faster and play comes sooner.
This level is taught with a combination of slower moving low compression balls to insure the learning of the basics. Moving from Beginner to Novice will require 20 hours of practice so you are able to rally the Low Compression Green Ball 6-8 in a row with a partner at 3/4 court. You will also be working on developing a full service motion

Novice Lessons 2.0

You will have taken a Beginner Program or played the hit one over maybe two then pick it up game. You want to rally and keep the ball in play, serve and make the other person run around as much as you. Focus is on making new skills consistent and old habits resemble tennis strokes. Novice Level Programs introduce full court play. This level is played and taught with low compression balls that allow players to develop strokes and strategies at a slower and more rewarding environment. Moving from this level to Novice Plus 2.5-3.0 will take 20-25 hours of practice and play. To move onward-all is a journey you will and a partner will be able to rally 6-8 times in a row from the baseline. You will have a full service motion and be able to volley at the net.

Novice Plus 2.5-3.0

Looking at the previous level you will realize that hey, I am progressing, now what is next? Next is taking these fundamentals and learning to add topspin to your forehand, a spin to your serve and being consistent in your strokes-able to out last your partner or eventually your opponent. Evil tactics and strategies like planning and directing the serve and strokes in both singles and doubles play. Moving up to the next level-and it is a move up-requires practice and play time to become consistent in the strokes, serve and game play. While the time this takes for each player will vary another 40 to 50 hours outside of your lessons will get you where you want to be.

Intermediate 3.0-3.5

Every one who has played for at least two years feels they are at this level. Not!”
To register for this level you must be able to perform the skills in the Novice Level. This level opens the door to competition be it just fun with a friend or entering Tournaments and learning to enjoy the fun of playing another. You will learn how to use foot work and focus to: add pace; improve placement and consistency of strokes and serves; an all court game approach and mental toughness.
This is the Level of Death… where most recreational tennis players get and stay stuck! You will receive corrections through game based situations drills, sweat, run and do it again!

These programs are “Game Focused” that is the program will: Assess and build on Mental and Physical Strength, Personal Game Style as well as providing instruction and practice to survive and improve the areas of your game that lose points, games and matches.

West End Adult Schedule Summer 2018:


Name Number Date(s) Day(s) Time Location
Tennis – Novice



156543 June 11to 27 Mon, Wed 5:30pm – 7pm King George School Courts
Tennis – Novice Plus


172406 June 11to 27 Mon, Wed 7pm – 8:30pm King George School Courts
Tennis – Beginner


170590 July 4 to 23 Mon, Wed 5:30pm – 7pm King George School Courts
Tennis – Intermediate


170591 July 4 to 23 Mon, Wed 7pm – 8:30pm King George School Courts
Tennis – Novice


170592 August 1 to 22 Mon, Wed 5:30pm – 7pm King George School Courts
Tennis – Intermediate


170613 August 1 to 22 Mon, Wed 7pm – 8:30pm King George School Courts